Allston I-90 MassPike at Allston-Brighton tolls

Bedford Rte 3, south of Orchard Rd

Billerica Rte 3, south of Concord Rd

Billerica Rte 3 at Concord Rd 9 (Exit 27)

Billerica Rte 3 at Treble Cove Rd (Exit 28)

Billerica Rte 3 between Exits 28 & 29

Blandford I-90 MassPike between Exits 2 and 3

Boston I-93 at Neponset River (Exits 11-12)

Boston I-93 at Tenean Beach (Exits 12-13)

Boston I-93 at Columbia Rd (Exit 15)

Boston I-90 MassPike EB @ Exit 24 A/B/C WB I-93

Boston I-90 MassPike exit to I-93 NB from I-90 WB

Boston I-93 near Bunker Hill College

Boston I-93 at Boston Sand & Gravel

Boston I-93 on Zakim Bridge

Boston I-93 south of Boston, near E. Berkeley St.

Boston I-93 SB prior to South Bay Mall

Boston I-93 at South-Bay Mall

Boston I-93 SB On ramp from Purchase St. @ Congress St.

Boston I-93 south of Boston at Mass Ave

Bourne Cape Cod - Rte 6 at the Sagamore Bridge Connector

Bourne Cape Cod - Rte 25 North of Route 6

Bourne Cape Cod - Rte 25 South of Bournedale Road

Bourne Cape Cod - Rte 28 at Bourne Rotary

Bourne Cape Cod - Bourne Rotary and Bourne Bridge

Bourne Cape Cod - Rte 6 at Edge Hill Rd

Braintree I-93 between Rts 28 & 37 (Exits 5 & 6)

Braintree I-93 at Rte 37 (Exit 6)

Braintree I-93 NB at Rte 3 & Washington St

Burlington I-95 at Rte 3A (Exit 33)

Burlington I-95 at Winn St (Exit 34)

Burlington Rte 3 at Rte I-95

Canton I-93 at Ponkapoag Trail (Exit 3)

Canton I-93 at Rte 138 (Exit 2)

Charlestown Tobin Bridge SB to Boston and Rutherford Ave

Charlestown Tobin Bridge NB Lower Deck into Chelsea

Chelmsford Rte 3 at Rte 110 (Exit 31)

Chelmsford Rte 3, north of Rte 110

Chelmsford Rte 3, south of Drumhill Rd

Chelmsford Rte 3 at Drumhill Rd (Exit 32)

Chelmsford Rte 3, south of Groton Rd

Chelmsford Rte 3, south of Rte 113

Chicopee I-91 at I-391 (Exit 12)

Holyoke I-91 Exit 14

Lexington I-95 at Rtes 4/225 (Exit 31)

Lexington I-95 at Rte 3 (Exit 32)

Needham I-95 at Highland Ave (Exit 19)

Newton I-95 at Rte 16 (Exit 21)

Newton I-90 MassPike I-95 Interchange 15 tolls west

North Chelmsford Rte 3, south of Groton Rd

Quincy I-93 SB at Rte 3 (Exit 7)

Quincy I-93 between Exits 7 and 8

Randolph I-93 SB at Rte 24 (EXIT 4)

Sagamore Rt 6 East .5 mile West of Rt 6A

Sagamore Rt 6 East 200 ft West of Rt 6A

Sagamore Rt 6 West, North of Sagamore Bridge

Sagamore 45 State Rd, Sagamore Depot

Sagamore Rte 3 South at exit 1

Sandwich Cape Cod - Rte 6 at Rest Area

Springfield I-91 at I-291 (Exit 8)

Sturbridge I-90 MassPike I-84 Interchange 9 tolls I-90 ramp

Tyngsboro Rte 3, south of Rte 113

Tyngsboro Rte 3 at Rte 113 (Exit 35)

Waltham I-95 at Rte 20 (Exit 26)

Waltham I-95 at Totten Pond Rd (Exit 27)

Wellesley I-95 at Rte 9 (Exit 20)

Westborough I-90 @ I-495 Interchange 11A looking west

Weston I-95 at I-90 (Exit 23)

Weston I-95 at Rte 30 (Exit 25)

Weston I-90 MassPike Weston State Police Barracks east

Weston I-90 MassPike I-95 Interchange 15 tolls east

Woburn I-95 @ Washington St (Exit 36)

Woburn I-93 between Montvale Ave and I-95 (Exits 36-37)

Woburn I-93 at Sullivan Square (Exit 28)